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Bryan's Unofficial Disneyland Webpage
Test Your Disney Knowledge
Home | My Site Ring | Monthly Poll | Tribute to Maynard | My Awards | Message Board | Answers | Trivia | Audio | Links | Photos! Just kidding! Just a little Disney trivia for you to answer. Have fun.


1. Which railroad company was originally involved in the sposorship of the Disneyland Railroad.
A. Union Pacific
B. Santa Fe
C. Denver Rio Grande
2.What was the original name of the Plaza Inn at Disneyland?
3.Which company originally sponsored the Main Street Pharmacy?
4. Who was the first human to be recreated in audio-animatronics?
A. Uncle Sam
B. Walt Disney
C. Abraham Lincoln


1. Which current attraction was originally planned as Disneyland's first roller coaster ride?
A. Matterhorn
B. Mr. Toads Wild Ride
C.Casey Jr. Circus Train
2. Which early proposed Fantasyland attraction was planned as a boat ride that would take guests through a mountain of candy?
3. How many horses can be found on King Arthur's Carrousel?
4. Which character's footprints are found along the pathway outside Alice in Wonderland?



1. Where could guests find actual "mermaids" in Tomorrowland?
2.What fameous German rocket scientist helped in the development of the Disneyland attraction Flight to the Moon?
3. What company helped produce the original monorail system?
4. What attraction included a trip into a molecule?


1. What is Disneyodendron semperflorens grandis?
2. What is the name of the mysterious temple deity featured in the Indiana Jones Adventure?
3. Which two attractions were shifted and modified in order to build the Indiana Jones Adventure?
4. Which attraction can you hear the songs "Swisskapolka"and "Animal Carnival?"



1. What was the name of the original Frontierland Pancake House?
2. Prior to being called Critter Country, what was this themed land's original name?
3. Why is the a petrified tree located on the banks of the Rivers of America?
4.The term Audio-Animatronics was used first in association with which attraction?


1. What is Mickey's address in Mickey's Toontown?
2. What is the license plate number that appears on Mickey's car in Mickey's Toontown?
3.Which characters run the gas station and the diner in Mickey's Toontown?
4. What is the name of the construction company found in Mickey's Toontown?